[ULTRAMAN] Full episode ver. “ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT:THE ABSOLUTE CONSPIRACY” English ver. -Official-

[ULTRAMAN] Full episode ver. “ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT:THE ABSOLUTE CONSPIRACY” English ver. -Official-

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Chapter 1:
This is the story of Galaxy Rescue Force’s elite Ultraman Ribut’s days as a Civilization Guardian. Together with Ultraman Max, Ribut senses a strange presence on a certain planet… However, it’s a trap set by an enemy seeking revenge. Max defends Ribut, putting himself in danger! At the same time, Ultraman 80 and Yullian are attacked by Leugocyte.
This is just the beginning of the “Absolute Conspiracy!” Who is Absolute Tartarus, the mysterious golden giant working behind the scenes? Will Ribut be able to save Max and put an end to this enemy’s threat?

Chapter 2:
A long time ago, in the era of the Great Ultra War that occurred tens of thousands of years ago… While a ferocious battle was unfolding between Alien Empera’s monster army and the Land of Light, Ultraman Ken (later the Father of Ultra) and Ultraman Belial gave battle without yielding. While they were heroes who fought together, Belial was unable to accept the distance growing between them as Ken was appointed captain of the Inter Galactic Defense Force and won the heart of Ultrawoman Marie (later the Mother of Ultra). He began to seek even more power, behaving more and more recklessly…
At that moment, the golden giant Absolute Tartarus appeared and whispered, “Don’t you want to change your fate?”
Years passed, and in the Land of Light there was a scientist named Ultraman Tregear. Filled with regret that he was unable to join the Inter Galactic Defense Force and complicated feelings for his close friend Ultraman Taro, the “Emissary of Light,” Tregear devoted himself to doing research with Ultraman Hikari, the respected director of the Science Technology Bureau. However, one day, Hikari vanished, and his fate began to change…

Chapter 3:
After defeating Grimdo, Taiga and the Tri-Squad endeavored to train across the galaxy, only for “the one who controls Zetton,” the Space Fear-Demon Zett, to appear before them and attack! In the face of attacking Zettons summoned by the fear-demon Zett, the Tri-Squad finds themselves in a desperate situation with no way out!

Ultraman Zero and the others come forward with new countermeasures to oppose Absolute Tartarus, the golden giant pulling the strings behind the scenes. The newest member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, Ultraman Z (Zett), joins his reliable senior Ultraman Mebius to face down this absolute conspiracy…!

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