SINoALICE -シノアリス- Original Soundtrack Mix

SINoALICE -シノアリス- Original Soundtrack Mix

I hope you enjoyed my SINoALICE mix!
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i am a big fan of the ost & the composer behind SINoALICE & Nier games Keiichi Okabe & the games in general, i’m also hyped for the Global Release of the game after it got delayed! so i made this little project!

0:00 鏖殺ノ予感 Ambush killing

2:57 決戦ノ前歌 The final battle

5:50 敵軍ノ咆香 Enemy Armor

6:52 鏖殺ノ饗宴 Feast of the killing

12:45 妄想の末路 The end of delusion

14:05 無為ナ末路 Dead end

15:25 現実と世界 Reality and the world

16:50 圧殺ノ予感 Premonition

20:20 圧殺ノ饗宴 Crushing feast

24:05 焚殺ノ饗宴 Burning feast

27:15 決戦ノ斉歌 Decisive battle

31:51 精霊ノ末路 Spirit of the end

33:06 妄想の迷路 Maze of delusion

34:10 決戦ノ咆歌 Decisive battle

37:41 茫洋の記憶 Boundless Memories

Composers: Keiichi Okabe, Syotarou Seo, Keigo Hoashi
Published: Square Enix Music
All material copyright by it’s rightful owners.
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